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Roni is a storyteller, an oral-historian, and a professional tour guide. He has always been fascinated with storytelling and public speaking, and back in 2008 became involved in Toastmasters International, where he (re)discovered his love for the spoken word. From that moment on, Roni invested countless hours in honing his storytelling skills through higher education, his job, and even improv comedy. In 2017 Roni became a tour guide in New Orleans so he could tell stories all day long and, in the process, fell in love with the Big Easy.

As a dual citizen of Israel and the USA – both nations of immigrants - Roni has always been immersed in cultural melting pots with all the diversity and colorfulness that they bring. That is why he finds New Orleans, which was his home for over three years, and a melting pot (or Gumbo) in its own right, so fascinating.  

Roni shares his passion for travel, culture, languages, storytelling, and history through entertaining and informative stories, tours and experiences of Israel and New Orleans.

Also, Roni is Keren Bossin’s older brother  😊

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​Roni Bossin


Keren Bossin

Keren is a professional musician, vocal teacher, and music therapist. She has been singing and playing the piano ever since any of us in the Krewe can remember.  Keren is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance where she specialized as a singer. She has performed on Israeli television show and in numerous concerts with other musicians, and as a solo artist with her original material.


In 2013 Keren went to India where she collaborated with other female dancers to create a traveling show that supported women’s rights in the context of a proliferation of violence against women across the country. During that stay she was flown specially to perform her music before the Israeli embassy staff in India.

Keren loves both American and Israeli music and performs both in the context of the Wandering Krewe’s stories, tours and experiences.  

Also, Keren is Roni Bossin’s kid sister 😊

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