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About the Virtual Experiences:

All the Wandering Krewe’s virtual experiences are real-time events performed through live storytelling, Google Earth 3D technology, photos, and even music by a professional musician, as required. To learn more contact us.

  • New Orleans Jewish History Tour

    Did you know that in 18th-century Louisiana, there was a law that forbade Jewish settlement?

  • The Women of New Orleans

    The Women of New Orleans is a virtual experience that tells the story of some of the city’s most interesting characters.

  • Spooky New


    Ghosts? Vampires? Mystery? You've come to the right place! New Orleans is one of the most superstitious cities in the world.

  • Holy Land Musical Show

    The Holy Land Musical Show is a live virtual experience with a professional musician and storyteller.

  • Big Easy Musical Show

    Do you love jazz, rock, blues, and plain old Americana music? Well, this is the experience for you.


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